About Us

One question we are always asked by our guests is ‘ Why did we…….how did we …..El Amparo?’

We could wax lyrically about living the dream, escaping the rat race, or even finding the sun!

In reality, during 2016,both Jody and I decided we were no longer enjoying London and  we came upon the idea of finding the perfect rural setting to open a relaxing b&b retreat, where people could escape ‘their’ rat race, find ‘their’ sun and perhaps live ‘their’ dream, if only for a week!

Jody had an idea of the perfect climate, a few deliciously hot summer months, but with low humidity, spring and autumn in the 18-25 °C range, sunny days and crisp log fire nights for the winter.   With these criteria we stumbled across El Amparo !

Stepping out of our car and walking around El Amparo,  the view and peace just took our breath away.
It still does, and little has changed in 10 years.

The location of the village was ideal, for within an hour, the diversity of Andalucia was accessible

Having a vibrant and cosmopolitan city such as Granada close by was an added bonus,
whilst a ski resort on the doorstep was the icing on the cake!

The previous owners, Jeff and Sally had created the beginning of our dream boutique hotel/bed&B, and over the next three years, using Spanish artisan builders,  all local craftsmen with whom we have forged a lasting friendship, we have added 5 large suites and remodelled all of the public areas.

Each winter we ask ourselves, how can we improve things for our guests ?   We still have lots to do and hope you love the results !

N&J x